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  • JetFuelX Makes Price Shopping Fuel Vendors Simple and Free

    We harness the power of big data analytics to save you and your flight operations time and money.
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We simply tell you the cheapest fuel you can buy at your destination and give you the options quickly and easily.


Mobile Ready

The JetFuelX web app is optimized for use on any device—desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone. Confidently use JetFuelX over inflight broadband or SATcom without bogging down the connection. View your fuel prices and request a fuel release quickly and easily, wherever you are.


Real Time Comparison

JetFuelX analyzes the latest pricing data for all of your fuel card memberships and highlights the best price in seconds. No more logging in to separate websites or managing spreadsheets. Get the answer you need immediately. Never miss the lowest price in the area as JetFuelX also displays pricing at nearby airports from your destination.


Developed By Pilots For Operators.

We are pilots, too, and we understand the frustration that exists when trying to compare jet fuel prices across multiple programs and FBO discounts. JetFuelX is designed to deliver the right price information when you need it, and in shortest amount of time. And it’s not just for pilots! The easy-to-use interface scales to the multi-user needs of large flight departments and charter operators.

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