How JetFuelX Works


Set up your JetFuelX account in less than 5 minutes
and never worry about updating your fuel card prices again.
No more logging into individual websites
or analyzing spreadsheets—JetFuelX does the legwork for you!

Manage Multiple Aircraft Profiles

Simply click ‘Add Aircraft’ to add one or more aircraft. Each aircraft is unique in your user profile and can have individual pricing. This is great for flight departments with more than one airplane, or with aircraft on leaseback and different fuel discount levels. You can associate all your pricing with one aircraft, or individually. Next to each aircraft is an individual email address that is used to securely transmit pricing files.



Manage Unlimited Fuel Cards

JetFuelX makes it easy to add unlimited fuel membership cards from the leading vendors. Once you enter the basic information, we will contact them and automatically start receiving your pricing updates. No need to manually upload price files. If needed, you can also upload pricing files, or you can forward a pricing email to a specific email address we provide you – part of our patent pending process. Pricing information is clearly dated so you always know when a price was last updated.



Easy Search & Compare

Searching for Fuel Prices is the heart and soul of the JetFuelX application. It’s simple—just type in your airport code and JetFuelX returns all the prices you have at that airport. The cheapest price is clearly highlighted in green. Pricing for the five nearest airports from your destination can also be displayed in a neatly organized list or interactive map view. We also:

  • Display notes
  • Clearly show when the pricing data was effective or last updated
  • Show pricing tiers for determination of fuel quantity and price breaks
  • Display fuel prices with additive and without (where available)



Fuel Releases

In addition to simplifying fuel searches, we make fuel releases super simple. Some cards utilize fuel releases and we make that visible for those cards. Simple click on the fuel release button and we pop up a fuel release page that is easy to fill in. We pre-populate as much information as we can and once you fill in the rest, its off the fuel vendor and then your FBO. We allow you to store pilot names and contact information to make the process as quick as possible.



That’s our tour – it’s pretty simple. We’ve timed it – we can search 10 fuel vendors and have a fuel release issued to our preferred FBO in about 15 seconds. We can do that on a phone, desktop, or tablet at about the same speed. It takes a bit longer in the air over a SatCom link, but not much.
With JetFuelX, there is no excuse for not carrying as many fuel cards as possible. We make managing them easy, and help you save money.